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Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya out, one among Julie and Vaiyapuri to be eliminated on Sunday

One among Julie and Vaiyapuri will be eliminated from Kamal Haasan's Bigg Boss this week.

Kamal Haasan with Oviya in Bigg Boss Tamil

Oviya is out of Bigg Boss Tamil. The actress ended her 42-day journey in the Kamal Haasan-hosted show on Saturday, 5 August. 

The 26-year old was allowed to leave Bigg Boss house midway over health issues. The actress was mentally stressed and was not able to overcome the negativity around her. The inmates had isolated her and Aarav's rejection was the final nain in the coffin that affected her mental health.
In the end, Oviya could not handle the stress and requested the Bigg Boss to send her out of the show. 
Before leaving she had a quick chat with Kamal Haasan. During the interaction, the actress confessed that she loves Aarav, but the crazy audience sitting in the show told her in unison that "he is not worth it and fake."
She politely thanked them for showering an unconditional love upon her and said that she respects their views, but this is her personal decision.  
After Oviya left the stage, Kamal Haasan started one-on-one conversation with each contestants to talk about Oviya's episode. Bindu Madhavi, Ganesh Venkatraman and Raiza spoke to him and told their side of the stories.
Kamal Haasan appeared to be charged up and was asking some tough questions. The remaining contestants will talk to him on Sunday.
Despite Oviya leaving the show, this-week's elimination is still on. Oviya, Julie and Vaiyapuri are in the danger zone. 
However, the audience are still hoping that Oviya might re-enter the show through a wild card.
The actress has won a massive fans from Bigg Boss Tamil. There is a huge outcry on her walking out and her fans have claimed that they would not watch the Kamal Haasan-hosted show anymore.
Earlier Story:
Despite confusions whether Oviya is out or still a part of the show, the stage is set for the elimination of one more contestant. Along with Oviya, Vaiyapuri and Julie are in the danger zone this week on Bigg Boss Tamil.
In what can be called a twist in the show, Oviya sought help to address her issues pertaining to mental health on Friday's episode. Her request was considered by the Bigg Boss and asked her to pack her bags. This has triggered massive rumours about her walking out of the show with different theories on social media sites.
Vijay TV has kept mum so far and did not clarify whether she is out of the show or would be back soon. Nonetheless, it posted a picture on its Facebook page in which Oviya is seen interacting with Kamal Haasan. It makes people think that she might be ending her journey.
However, the buzz is that there might be a surprise in store and the channel wants the viewers to watch the show at 8.30 pm.
Coming to the elimination process, the contestants can only be eliminated on the basis of viewers' vote. Going by this rule, she should be back even if she goes out over health issues. And the question that the actress is getting lesser votes than other nominees will not arise as she is enjoying a massive fan following.
That leaves Vaiyapuri and Julie in the danger zone. Our prediction is the former might be shown the door. So far, Namitha, Harathi Ganesh, Anuya, Bharani and Shree have been eliminated from the show.

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