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Is Social Media Making Us Superficial?

Imagine life without social media? I guess we wouldn’t survive. It’s become a part and parcel of life. Oh wait! It has become an essential part of our lives.
Social media, they say, have brought people closer but the question is, has it really? The motive behind social networking sites is to bridge the gap between people living apart but unfortunately, social media is creating a gap between people. 
We're so hooked on social media that we can't imagine a day without scrolling through our Facebook feed or our Instagram or Twitter page. Oh! Almost forgot about Snapchat.

Ever noticed yourself when you're out with friends or family? You're so busy clicking pictures for your social media sites and posting status updates all over that you forget to actually talk to
whosoever you're with. It's like you go out so that you can get clicked and then post pictures and update statuses. You only want people to know what’s happening in your life because you want them to perceive as though you’re leading a good life.
Social media has really made us shallow. We're always looking for validation. We want people to like us, like our pictures, think that we have a 'happening life' and that we're happy. Through social media, we constantly are looking for acceptance. We might have a thousand friends and followers over social networking sites but unfortunately, not even a handful in real. By posting innumerable pictures and statuses, we try to outdo each other. We try and gain more followers/friends over social media and we’re so bothered about how many likes we get over the selfie we posted an hour back. Does all of this even make sense?
Putting in endless effort to gain followers over social media is pointless. It’ll be helpful if we invest that kind of time in building bonds with people around us. Social media has unfortunately made us quite shallow and extremely superficial. We don’t need to impress the world and validate our existence; instead we need to concentrate on ourselves, accept ourselves and bother about the people around us and not about the thousands over our social media profiles.
It's not the absence of it that'll help you. It's the moderation. Aim for moderation, and once you find the balance, you'll be able to enjoy it while it doesn't ruin relationships.

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