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If You Have A Boyfriend With These 9 Beautiful Characteristics, Please Marry Him

Everyone wants to fall in love, at least once in their lifetime. But, surprisingly, a very low percentage of today’s generation feels confident about marriages. Ironical, but true.
Things have changed drastically in the last two decades. There was a time when parents used to select partners for their son/daughter, and the latter used to marry the person of their parents’ choice. Most of the marriages, of those times, have sustained wonderfully well. But as we leisurely strolled into more tech-savvy 21st century, emotions, trust, probably love, and, definitely, marriages have taken a back seat.
With a sudden surge in the divorces of various celebrities, today’s generation’s belief in the institution of marriage has been shaken terribly. They believe in live-in relationships, they are more than comfortable with the idea of 'losing virginity' before marriage. Don't get me wrong, some of them believe in true love too. But, most of them are not sure if they eventually want to marry their partners.
In this article, we give you 9 signs you should look for in your boyfriend that are definite signs he'll make a great husband.

1 He is a good listener
Everyone can talk. Everyone can shout. Almost everyone can express his/her feelings. But a very few wise people are good listeners. It is a rare quality. There are situations when we want someone to listen to us, especially when we are down and upset. And if your boyfriend is that ‘someone’, then you are a lucky girl. If by talking to him you feel light, you feel confident, and you feel good, he is definitely a good ‘husband material’.

He supports you and enjoys your success
Though things are slowly changing, but, still, most girls, especially from lower and middle-class families, find it tough to follow their dreams. Therefore, if your boyfriend supports you and your dreams, he is the right man for you. Moreover, if he really enjoys your success, and is happy in your happiness, it is an icing on the cake.

He makes you a part of his success
If he not only supports you and parties hard on your success, but he makes you a part of his success too, and makes you feel special, he is certainly the best man for you.

He treats others well
A man’s character can be easily tested by how he treats others, especially elders, kids, and underprivileged people. If he is only courteous to his senior managers (who decide his salary), or beautiful women (whom he'd like to impress with his fake chivalry), then he is definitely not a good human being. But if he treats everyone equally with love and respect, he is a man with a kind heart. It is a plus point if he is affectionate towards animals too.

With him you don't talk, you communicate.
Communication is always a two-way process. You may look stupid, but you can talk to yourself. But for communicating your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas, your problems, your happiness, and your emotions, you need a partner. And if you feel that you don’t just talk to your boyfriend, but you actually communicate, then it is worth considering him as your soul-mate.

Despite a fight, you patch up quickly
Arguments, disagreements, and fights happen in almost every relationship. But, what matters is how quickly you let go of your egos, forget all grudges, and patch up, without letting the fight stretch to the next day. Where there is love, there's a way.

He involves you in his decisions
Every decision he takes, no matter how big or small, is a mutual decision, in which he considers your opinion, your suggestions, your feelings as well. It is an important quality, which will strengthen your relationship.

He loves you truly and unconditionally
He is someone who loves you who you actually are. He loves you even if you are not looking good, physically. He loves you even if you have weight issues. He loves you even if your mood is bad, and you behave rudely with him. He loves you for your craziness. He loves you for your flaws. He loves you, for the person you are. If ‘he’ is your boyfriend, don’t think twice before marrying him.

You trust each other
Trust is the foundation of every successful relationship. Love can happen, where there is trust. But, in the absence of trust, love can never exist. If the core of your relationship is trust, and if not just you, but he too trusts you equally, then he is certainly the perfect man for you.
Well, to be fair, no one is a 100% perfect. But when two imperfect people meet, they can certainly make a perfect relationship.

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