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11 Things Only Sisters Can Relate To

So, how often have you wanted to get rid of your sister? Or thanked God that you have her? Well, having a sister in life is an ‘adventure’ that goes with the punch line: Can’t live with ‘em and can’t live without ‘em!
And that’s what makes your relationship with her so beautiful. From being the perfect partners-in-crime to forever friends, from sharing childhood memories to grown up dreams, you both have done it all together.
There are uncountable tiny moments which are so unique that only sisters can relate to them. Let’s have a look!
1 ​You Are Not Alone To Be Dragged To Boring Family Events

She is always there by your side yawning miserably like you are while you both share a when-will-it get-over look.

She Knows What No One Knows

Your deepest secrets, whether it’s you spilling it on your own or she figuring it out by herself, cannot stay hidden from her for long. 

The Story Of The Lost Lipstick

Well, not just the lipstick but from your entire cosmetic to closet, there’s not one zone that she hasn't raided. 

Atleast One Of You Is From ‘Kachre Ka Dabba’

The most cliché childhood jokes of all, “Tujhe toh mummy kachre ke dabbe se utha laayi thi” is not something unheard and surprisingly, works so well till date.

The Code Language

Even CBI won’t be able to crack it! You have your own set of code language and inside jokes to crack, in private or even public while others are left to amaze at the weirdness.

​The Level Of Eccentricity Is Almost Same

Even if it’s not the same, you are not surprised to see her eccentric side because that becomes a part of your daily routine.

You Just Cannot Cook Up Stories & Fool Her

Don’t even try! She would catch you because she understands you. She’s just like your shadow. So, there’s no point befooling her.

​The Free Stuff

Well, expect a surprise from her on your birthdays or even just like that. She knows what exactly to get you and she makes sure you have it.

​Forgiveness Comes Easy

You can be as gross as you can without even being sorry and she would still be obligated to forgive you. She just has no escape.

​She’d Be Your Most Honest Guide

From complimenting you to letting you know that you have a distasteful fashion sense, from telling you whether the guy you are dating is a complete asshole or “damaad material”, she is always there as your guiding angel. 

​Your Fights Are Gruesome

It’s a WAR! You turn into worst foes. No matter how silly the issue is, fights are serious. But it doesn’t stay for long. Reason? Because she’s your sister! That just sums it up all.
So, what’s your story like?

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