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Whatsapp adds Snapchat-like camera features

In a bid to take on Snapchat, Facebook is leaving no stone unturned. In a latest, WhatsApp has introduced new stickers in its camera features that have originally been used by Snapchat.
With the new camera features, users write or draw on photos and videos, as well as add emoji to express themselves. When a new photo or video is captured or shared like ones that are already on a user’s phone, they will automatically see the new editing tools. The WhatsApp camera feature further supports the front-facing flash and added a zooming feature for recording videos.
These new camera features were rolled out on Android phones yesterday and are expected on iPhone soon.

JOHANNESBURG - In the latest news from Facebook’s war on Snapchat, Whatsapp is introducing Snapchat-like features to its camera function.
The Facebook-owned company announced that it will be introducing a feature that allows users to draw and add emoji on photos and videos, just like on Snapchat.
Other updates introduced include a zooming feature on videos and support for front-facing flash. Facebook, which failed to acquire Snapchat in 2013, has been introducing Snapchat-like features to a number of its apps.
Instagram stories were introduced in August and there have been reports of Facebook testing a new feature called Messenger Day, which, like Instagram stories, copies Snapchat’s Stories feature.
This allows users to create stories using pictures and videos which stack up chronologically as users add them on the app.
The new Whatsapp update is currently being rolled out on Android-powered devices and should be available on iOS devices soon.

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