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Interesting Facts About Human Voice

Human voice is something magical. Expressing out our thoughts through words makes life truly beautiful. But, have we ever given a serious thought on the unknown facts about human voice or the vocal cords, unless there is any medical need for it?
Well, we are here to share some of the unknown and interesting facts about voice that you should know. These are some of the unexplained facts about voice that we, as humans, need to know.
From the pressure on nerves taken while whispering, to shouting, you have got to know al about these human voice facts.
We are here to debunk the fact that drinking milk is bad for the voice! Really? Yes, it is.
So, find out about some of these interesting facts on human voice, as they are something that we do not learn about in our everyday life.
Check them out...

Fact #1

There is transition according to age even in human voice. When you reach puberty, the vocal cords tend to thicken and this results in a deeper voice, especially in men. The voice later changes to mezzo-soprano or baritone.

Fact #2

Did you know that the loudest voice human beings can produce is around 129 DBA? Yes, this is the highest record ever to be made in the Guinness Book of World Records. This voice was produced by a teaching assistant from Kent, England.

Fact #3

Most men have a baritone voice. Nonetheless, this does not mean that men can no longer have tenor or bass voice. The deeper the voice, the more girls fall in love with it!

Fact #4

Did you know that the very first human voice recording in history was done in the year 1860? It is the same very year when the first human voice recording equipment was invented!


Do you know that the brain and the human voice have a huge connection? Yes, they do! A human brain becomes extra-active when a person is singing or simply speaking. Isn't it amazing?

Fact #6

Human voices are extremely flexible. It helps people to produce different sounds with different pitches and tones. This is humans come up with various sound modifications while they perform.

Fact #7

The intense deepness of the voice can be modified or avoided through castration. It is done before the age of puberty. The people who have undergone the process of castration are known as Castrati.

Fact #8

Did you know that whispering may actually make your vocal folds to work harder than speaking in regular tones? Hmmm... sadly it is a fact!

Fact #9

A survey has proved that women who have high-pitched voices are generally more attracted to men who also have high-pitched voices and, on other hand, low-pitched women tend to like low-pitched men. Strange, isn't it??

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