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OMG! Hrihtik Roshan's Facebook account gets hacked

Hrithik Roshan's Facebook account gets hacked.

OMG! Hrihtik Roshan's Facebook account gets hacked

Hacker changes DP, and starts a live stream

We are living in an era where online security is one of the biggest concerns. You never when you may fall victim to an online hack, what information might get stolen from you or who might be watching you RIGHT NOW. Falling prey to an online hack is one of our beloved celebrity-Hrithik Roshan. Yep!
Earlier in the evening, Hrithik Roshans account started live streaming from the Facebook page. Over two thousand five hundred people joined the live streaming immediately. Much to their surprise, or should I say shock, it was nlot the actor at the other end of the camera but someone else.  Some, yet unknown, young adult had hacked into his account, and went live.  Not just that, the hacker even managed to change the profile picture to his own picture. Now is not that a silly move? That seems like an idea that would land you up in jail.
We are now wondering if the hacker was some IT genius who managed to pull some codes to get access to Hrithik's account or was it some random guess of words that made the password for Hrithik's account!
Mr. Roshan was quick to realise what has happened and deactivated his account immediately. Don't worry! The account is back up, with we are hoping a stronger password.
Hrithik-FB-1 Hrithik-FB-2
Now this was no less than an opportunity for the trolls to start what they do best- trolls. While we sympathise with the actor and hope any private data was not leaked from his personal account, we cannot overlook the hilarity of some of these tweets.

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