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Iru Mugan Movie review and tweet review: Entertaining watch, especially for Vikram's second character Love

Iru Mugan ( Irumugan ) Review & Rating, Story, Live Updates, Talk, 1st Day Collections

Iru Mugan Movie Rating: 2.9 /5

Film Iru Mugan has a twisty interesting first half followed by a boring average second half. If you are a hardcore Action thriller movie lover then watch this film else avoid it.
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Positives :

  1. Lead stars performance
  2. BGM
  3. DOP

Negatives :

  1. Story
  2. Screenplay
  3. Direction

Final Verdict : Watch it or Avoid It! Nothing differs

Iru mugan Complete Review From Critics:

Iru Mugan is a disappointing film from Vikram and Anand Shekar. We have expected a lot from the movie but ended up with the same routine story with no interesting things at all. Vikram who is an expert in playing different roles with different get-ups in a single film did same in this film also, but the story of the film neither new nor innovative. It’s like an old worthless story. Director Anand Shekar might have come with some unique story which matches the style, and action of Vikram. At least Vikram might have chosen some better story of instead of going with this film story.
Iru Mugan film starts with a scene, where Love aka Vikram (villain) attacks on Indian embassy in Malaysia. This case goes to the Indian government, and India RAW Chief Nassar deals the case. Akhiln Aka Vikram (Hero, another get up) is already an Ex-RAW agent. Love kills Akhiln Wife Meera aka Nayanthara. So Akhiln shows interest in taking up this case. He visits Malaysia along with Ayushi aka Nithya Menon. How AKhiln finds and reaches to Love is all we watch in the film. It’s a quite common story nothing new in this. No new, innovative scenes added to this story.
Vikram did his best and did justice to his roles. He did wonderful acting, he well managed his both roles in the film. Even female lead stars did their best and chemistry between Vikram, Nayanthara and Nithya Menon worth watching. Instead of having all these, the film lacking in the perspective of the story. As a result, the film neither interesting nor worth watching. Film shooting had done in some decent locations of Malaysia.
The best parts of the movie are Lead stars performance, the direction of photography and Background music. Harris Jayaraj did a wonderful job. All songs got a good response.

While reviews have not yet been published of the film, Twitter is buzzing with conversations about Iru Mugan.

Iru mugan Movie P Review Story: The film Irumugan is having positive buzz and the release will clear all the thoughts existing on the film. The film Iru Mugan is named as Inkokkadu in Telugu and NKR Films Producer Neelam Krishna Reddy acquired Telugu Rights. The film has good buzz in Telugu as well. In the film Irumugan, Vikram is seen as Akhilan and Love. He plays dual roles. The heroine Nayantara is seen as Halena while the other actress Nithya Menon is seen as Aarushi. Nassar is seen as Nassar. Thambi Ramaiah is seen as Muthaiah. Bala, Karunakaran and Riythvika are seen in other important roles of the film.

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