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Ever Seen a Model Driving a Cab? Meet Ikuta Kana, Japan's Hottest Taxi Driver

A cab driver has been driving the internet crazy, not just because she is a girl but also because she is hot and gorgeous. One that will definitely caught someone's attention.

Meet beautiful Ikuta Kana, the country's most popular taxi driver. The 24-year-old is also a model by profession, took cab driving as a second job due to the unstable nature of modeling.

Ikuta Kana began her career as a gravure model and immediately gained a local fanbase. For two years, she was part of the modeling group Mina Mates of Mina magazine.
This gorgeous girl became more famous after joining the weekly TV program Nino San.

But knowing that modeling is a short-term career, she decided to join the Asuka Traffic Dream Project after graduating in college and acquiring a professional driver's license. Since then her popularity skyrocketed even more.

The part time model and part time driver has been roaming the streets of Shibuya, Ebisu and Naka-Meguro for a year and a half now. Aside from driving, she is also dubbed as "Miss Asuka" and will represent the image and character of the company.

With a cab driver like Ikuta Kana by our side, we wouldn't mind getting stuck along a busy road.

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