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Naruto: Shippuuden Naruto: Shippuuden Next Episode Airs in Countdown starts Now

When will be Naruto: Shippuuden next episode air date? Is Naruto: Shippuuden renewed or cancelled? Where to countdown Naruto: Shippuuden air dates? Is Naruto: Shippuuden worth watching?

[Update] Naruto Shippuden 476 & 477 preview: Naruto vs. Sasuke Final Battle will be in colored form, not black-and-white

"Naruto Shippuden" Episode 476 “the Final Battle part I” and 477 “Final Battle part II” will be aired back-to-back on the last Thursday of September.
"Naruto Shippuden" Episode 476 “the Final Battle part I” and 477 “Final Battle part II” will be aired back-to-back on the last Thursday of September. (Photo : Naruto Poster)
It's only a week to go before the legendary showdown between Naruto and Sasuke gets its anime rendition on back-to-back episodes of Naruto Shippuden on September 29, next Thursday on TV Tokyo. The Naruto-Sasuke final battle is one of the bests, if not the biggest fight, in Masashi Kishimoto's manga series and it rightfully deserves a one-hour special.
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As reported last week, Naruto Shippuden will be taking a two-week off to give way for an hour-long special for Pokemon XY&Z on September 15 while it will be a public holiday on Sept. 22. However, Episode 476 "the Final Battle part I" and 477 "Final Battle part II" will be aired back-to-back on the last Thursday of the month.
Episode 478, which marks the 698th episode of entire Naruto anime series (including the original Naruto anime run), is titled Unison 'Wakai no Ini.' The October 6 episode will focus on the events following their final battle with Naruto and Sasuke looking towards a better future of the entire shinobi world.
Episode 479 onwards will narrate the events taking place after the 4th Great Shinobi War, basically covering the entire series epilogue in chapter 700 of the original manga. Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki and the new generations of ninja are expected to make their appearance in what is expected to be the series final on October 13th.
This coming fall, TV Tokyo announced that they will be airing episode of Naruto Hidden, which is a collection of stories that happened between the last shinobi war and the epilogue. The series of light novels focused on the story of Sasuke, Sakura, Gaara, Itachi, the Akatsuki and Naruto and Hinata's weeding.
Episode 476 & 477 update:
Naruto Shippuden director confirmed on his Twitter account (H/T Naruto Reddit) the hour-long Naruto Shippuden special (episode 476 and 477) isn't going to be in black and white. Contrary to what many speculated based on the black-and-white preview of the episodes, "The Final Battle" will be in colored form and expected to provide the same color smearing technique applied by the animation team in previous fights scenes in the series.

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