Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. I’ve learned that asking questions isn’t a sign of weakness; rather, it demonstrates curiosity, engagement and intelligence."

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15 Things That Make Girls Super Happy In A Moment

All the girls out there would agree with me when I say guys know nothing about making us happy. So this article is a must for every guy who wishes to keep his girl happy and to every girl who wants to be happy.
A happy woman is a myth. CRAP! In fact, it is a very easy task, you should just know how to go about it. Women don’t ask for much, they majorly need just three things: 1. Attention 2. Appreciation 3. Affection. They’ll give you everything in return for these three things.
Here are very simple yet effective ways to make any girl around you super happy.
  • SHOPPING! Obviously, it is the biggest therapy.

Shopping is very relaxing. You may go for street shopping or for window shopping, doesn’t matter. Buy yourself a bag or a pair of sandals or even a small accessory would do. It will surely make you happy.
  • Girls’ night out

Spending some good time with the ‘girlfriends’ always helps. Go around in the car singing out school ballads and life will be beautiful.
  • Make up and getting dressed

If you are low, get dressed, get makeup and get out of the house. Go anywhere, with anyone but just don’t sit down there alone. You’ll be fine!
  • Travelling is all you need for a booster.

Travelling is a very pleasant and peaceful idea anytime. You need not go very far, planning trips for a day or two is also very relaxing and it rejuvenates you. Do plan a short trip this weekend!
  • Flirting with someone you shouldn’t flirt with.

This is the lesser discussed topic, yet it is true. Girls get high while flirting with someone they shouldn’t flirt with. It’s a good way of diverting your mind and also lighting your mood. Don’t worry! You are not doing anything wrong.
  • Sharing secrets and chatting for long hours.

If you are upset, talk it out. Tell your best friends your problems and let them tell you theirs. They’ll help you out and even if they couldn’t, you’ll surely feel better by seeing their concern for you.
  • Long drives

Explore yourself with the roads. Long drives are also a good therapy. They make you happy from within and are very peaceful. Aren’t they?
  • Dancing

Dancing is amazing and fun. Be it dancing with your friends in a club or in the car or in rain. It is a very pleasant exercise. Wonderful for the mind and the body. Keep dancing!
  • Beach walks

Long and romantic beach walk is an amazing way to spend an evening. It may be with your boyfriend or a close friend or just by yourself, no matter, they’ll all be equally refreshing.
  • Kiss on the forehead

Girls love getting kissed on the forehead. It is far more romantic than any other gesture and gives a feeling of security. So guys, whenever you meet your girl next time, make sure you kiss her on the forehead.
  • Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is considered a super romantic gesture, but it does make girls very happy. Give it a shot some time.
  • Receiving flowers

Girls love flowers, specially when they are from somebody they love. So boys, don’t feel shy to express your love to them, they’ll only feel better.
  • Appreciation

Girls love to get appreciated. They love to hear how pretty they look everytime they get dressed up. Tell her that she is beautiful. She knows it, but she needs to hear it from you!
  • When she finds someone who will listen to her completely.

Girls love to be listened to. They appreciate it when you remember every little detail they told you. Listen to what she says. She may talk a lot and meaningless too but still, listen to her very carefully because it really matters to her.
  • Knowing that you are loved.

Knowing that you are loved by someone is the most beautiful feeling. And everyone should express their feeling to the one’s they love. Take out time from your busy schedule and tell your loved ones that they mean the world to you.
So girls, to sum up, your happiness ultimately lies within. So just explore yourself and remember HAPPY GIRLS ARE THE PRETTIEST!

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