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13 People Who Completely Failed At Flirting

 Failed At Flirting
I tried to smile at this guy in the hallway in a flirty way, but when i smiled at him i tripped on my shoe and face planted.
Today I "Accidentally" bumped into him to grab his hand but instead I grabbed his penis...😐
 I thought he was reaching to hold my hand. I went in for a move and held onto his hand. Apparently , he was just trying to get a pencil out of his backpack.
Introduced myself as "hi, I'm single" instead of using my real name by accident
i bought my crush a drink at a party and tried to talk to her but HER crush walked past and she went with him
A co worker was flirting with me, and my version of flirting back was to say, "you have a stain on your shirt, but that's cool."
I suck at flirting.
Asking a girl what toothpaste she used in a club, this didn't go down too well.

Don't try it kids.
Walked up to a pretty girl in a bar and introduced myself.  She laughed, said "no" and walked off.

That one was an ego bruiser.
My drunk self was trying to grind with a hot guy at a club and I thrust my butt into his crotch so hard he fell over... #embarrassing
Yesterday the IT guy said "working hard or hardly working beautiful" I smiled and what I meant to say was "oh you know me" but my brain MALFUNCTIONED and said "oh please love me" I wanted to DIE
I said "your children are going to look so beautiful one day...if you have them with me."
While in line at subway, the cute girl making my sandwich asked if I wanted it toasted or microwaved... I really wanted to talk to her so my best response was to ask what the difference between the two was. 😵

I was talking to my crush and I told him a joke. I was chewing gum so when I started to laugh, my gum fell out of my mouth and onto his lap. I was mortified.

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