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12 Ways Your World Changes When Your Phone Runs Out Of Battery

"Damn! I should have bought my charger", he said while looking at his beloved phone as it conked off right on his face. Of course, little did he knew that whenever he'll be switching on his device, his world would have turned over its head. No matter if it was off for five hours or for just five minutes!

1. After 25 missed calls, your mother would now be calling up your friends to know if her prodigious child is safe or not.

Source: Youthconnect

2. And if she’s friends with you on FB, she would have already posted a gazillion messages on your timeline!

Source: Goodreads

3. You would have definitely missed an all-important call from your boss...

Source: Teambarunarab

4. And he/she might just be thinking you are out giving interviews or worse... selling the company's secrets. 

Source: Indiatimes

5. There would be 1534 new messages on your family Whatsapp group.

Source: OhmyIndia

6. You would have to ask for directions from total strangers who will, most definitely, confuse the heck out of you.

Source: Pocketthecm

7. God forbid if there’s an India-Pakistan match because then you’ll be going all, “Boss, score kya hua?” to every goddamn person on the street.

Source: Indiatimes

8. Your friends would have spammed your social media profiles, to know where the hell you are. 

Source: B44u

9. What’s more, you will now have to speak with the oh-so-kind auto walas because now you can’t even book a freakin’ cab.

Source: Shewalitiwari

10. You’ll have to resort to listening to “interesting” conversations in the metro to pass your time.

Source: Tumblr

11. A concert will become a Kumbh-Mela because you can’t call up to find your friends anymore!

Source: Giphy

12. While going home, you might just see the most Instagrammable sunset ever. But guess what, you can’t freakin’ take a picture of it!

Source: Giphy

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