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Quickest workout for a toned body

Here are five simple exercises that you need to do for a minute each to get a slimmer you

Not all of us manage to find time everyday for a completeworkout. So, here are five simple exercises that you need to do for a minute each. Done together, they'll just take five minutes and will effectively add up to a proper regimen. Also, they can be repeated as many times as you can. These exercises are easy to fit into your daily routine without disturbing your lifestyle. Do these everyday at least thrice and see the difference in your body in a week!

Squat and more
Do a Squat, but when you get up, drag one leg behind the other. You will feel your thigh muscles and your butt work as you do this.

How to do it:
Stand with your legs hip-width apart. Your feet should be pointing outward and heels in as you squat. When you get up, drag your left foot behind your right as you tighten your thigh muscles. Repeat with both legs at least eight to 10 times.

Dipping with a difference
For this, you need a settee, sofa or chair that is not too high. Sit on it and check if your knees bend comfortably and feet touch the floor easily. While doing thisexercise, your elbows should not flare out, otherwise you might injure yourself. Also, your sofa or chair should be sturdy enough to hold you. This is great for your triceps, legs, chest and abs.

How to do it:
Sit on the sofa and place your hands close to your hips. Keep your back straight and shoulder pulled back. Now, with your hands still on the sofa -- your body weight should be on your palms -- go down towards the floor (your butt should not touch the floor). While going up -- that is, back to your sitting position on the sofa -- extend your left leg straight ahead. Repeat with the other leg.

Lunge and lift
This exercise is great for toned butt and thighs.

How to do it:
Stand with your feet together and arms akimbo. Drag your left leg as much behind as you can while you fold your right knee for the lunge. Don't let your left knee touch the floor. As you get up, stretch and lift your left leg up and feel your butt working. Repeat with the other leg. This exercise will work your thighs and buttocks.

Push-up and crunch
This exercise can be done on sofas or chairs. It works your abs, arms, legs and shoulders.

How to do it:

Place your arms wide on the edge of your bed. Now begin your push-up. While coming up, bring your left knee up to your chest as you crunch your abs. Now switch. Try to do this for a minute.


This exercise can be done in office or at work. If you do not have a stepper, do it on the staircase. This is a good workout as your arms, shoulders, calf muscles and butt benefit.

How to do it:
Keep stepping up and down in position and all the while, move your arms too. Feel the muscles in your legs, calves and shoulders as you move. Do at least 15-20 times

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