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22 Girls Reveal The Most Ridiculous Thing They've Cried About & It's Hilarious

What is the most bizarre thing you’ve cried about? No matter what it is, we bet there’s no way it can beat this list. 22 girls revealed on Whisper the most ridiculous reason why they cried and it is simply hilarious!
I cried cos the wifi wouldn't connect to my phone or laptop but connected to dads computer and mums laptop

One time I wanted to go to a friend's house and I didn't because I couldn't find a shirt. So I cried.

I cried for an hour when I was 13 and couldn't log into my Facebook.

I cried because I wanted pickle chips and didn't have any...In my defense I'm a fatty and was drunk

I cried once because I had to wash a knife to butter my toast.

My dad bought the wrong cheese rolls from tesco once so I balled my eyes out!!

I didn't wanna say goodbye to a caterpillar I had found in my garden... I cried hysterically for an hour or so.. -_-

This damn board game.

When McDonalds told me the milkshake machine was broken...I really wanted my shamrock shake

I put my light colored fabric on the floor to cut it. and it got covered in black cat hair.  I sat on the floor and cried.

My mom told me to comb my hair by myself

I just finished making a giant pitcher of kool-aid and spilled the entire thing on the floor, I cried at the loss while wiping it up.

I cried because my dog ran into my wall

I cried because I thought that I bought the chocolate cookies at the store... I accidentally got oatmeal raisin. Happened less than 20 minutes ago.

I cried when I wasn't hungry enough to eat a steak. I have no shame

When I was little I cried bc I lost my pet......feather

Once I cried, because I had to shave my legs and I was too lazy to do that.

I cried because I couldn't get my eyebrows to stay even

I bought a flower and killed it within a day. I cried for a solid hour 👌

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