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12 Most Annoying Female Characters in Anime History

There's always a bad egg in every basket, and in some cases, these irritants even managed to ruin a good anime series for us - Every one of their cameos signals our lightening reaction to reach for either the 'mute' or 'fast forward' button.  But there's no point in pondering what the writers were thinking when they created these torturous creatures (which the poor viewers have to endure till the end of the series).  Instead, this calls for an Award Ceremony to recognize the Most Annoying Female Characters in Anime History!
1. Sakura Haruno - Naruto

This kunoichi's special skills include calling out "Sasuke!!!" over and over, crying, begging Naruto for help, and beating him up over stupid crap. 
She heals quite a few characters and packs an incredible punch so I would not go so far as to say she is useless (except for maybe the first hundred or so episodes), just shallow and annoying. 
For someone who is said to have surpassed Tsunade she sure doesn't act like it. She is simply a bad character. 
2. Misa Amane - Death Note

Misa is not the brightest tool in the shed. Although initially she seems to have a good head on her shoulders, she likes endangering Light's plans by doing stupid stuff to "help him." She has potential but ends up always acting like a ditsy blonde. 
3. Orihime Inoue - Bleach

If anyone can make a straight dude hate a heavy-chested chick, it would be Orihime. 
The brainless bimbo's mission in life is to heal the supposed wounds on Kurosaki's heart, but someone should tell the poor ditz that saying 'Kurosaki-kun' 10 times in a breath will do nothing but piss the hell out of everyone. 
Going for the 'eccentrically odd but incredibly hot' image, Orihime turns out to be a major fail and ends up being plain stupid.
4. Nina Einstein - Code Geass 

She might have seen this coming when she single-handedly murdered millions of people with the FLEIJA. 
On top of being a racist towards the Japanese and trying to blow up Tokyo, she's also found to be a tad gay when evidence of her unhealthy obsession with Euphemia were out on the table.(pun intended) It's no wonder she bears the brunt of hatred from Geass fans. 
As if that wasn't enough, the repulsive facial expressions give her haters more reason (and material) to lash out at her.
5. Kikyo - Inuyasha

Kikyo mistakenly believes Inuyasha killed her and understandably tries to drag him to hell with her when she is resurrected. 
Later, the misunderstanding is cleared up so problem solved right? She shouldn't want to kill him anymore since she knows he didn't kill her now right? Nope. She still pursues him until she FINALLY dies for good. Talk about a clingy ex-girlfriend.
6. Asuna - Sword Art Online

Asuna is introduced as a strong female but in the end she is just a generic tsundere who needs to be rescued.
7. Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail

Lucy is useless, weak, unneeded! Hell, they make her wear ecchi outfits to keep her relevant throughout the series! 
Aside from this, her "powers" suck more than a vacuum! Magical zodiac keys? Come on, that's just stupid, and like all her helpers are garbo as well! 
In the end she's just annoying as hell to have in the anime and watch her just be there doing nothing while Natsu gets "Friendship Boners".
8. Yuki Cross - Vampire Knights

Where do I even begin ... this big whiner is the reason I dropped the series after about 10 tiresome chapters of the manga.  That's right. I couldn't bring myself to listen to her moan about her feelings and act all self-righteous and compassionate in the anime re-make. Not to mention, the manga Yuki's eyes were wayyy too bulgy for that tiny frame of a face (must resist urge to slap) and totally creeped me out.  The 'tragic' pure-blood has everything laid out for her, 2 hotties for potential lovers, good-looking friends, cool powers, nice clothes ... yet she wraps herself up in a dramatic emotional turmoil created by a typical self-absorbed protagonist, while ignoring the fact that most of VK shoujo fans just wanna see Kaname/Zero kun's next smexy pose.  The mangaka obviously never thought this through when she created such a flaccid and undesirable weakling like Yuki.

9. Haruhi Suzumiya - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - 

Loud, selfish, manipulative, and somewhat violent, this teenage brat is supposed to be God. 
Her longing for something interesting to happen is understandable, but her actions are ridiculous. She constantly fondles and harasses Mikuru and is forceful with Kyon. When she isn't getting her way she yells and wines and basically has a tantrum. 
I'm glad she's an anime character because if she were really God we'd all be doomed. 

10. Erina Nakiri - Shoukugeki no Souma

Domineering and arrogant, Erina rules the academy like a dictator. 
She tries to fail Souma even though the food he made was delicious because she felt he had hurt her pride, showing that she lets her emotions cloud her judgement when she is supposed to act professional. 
She is also very cut-throat with other students. Princess personalities can be charming but this is one hime-sama I would like to slap.
11. Tohru Honda - Fruit Basket

Okay we get that she plays the really dense heroine whose love and words help heal the emotional wounds of her friends without her even realizing it. 
But Tohru takes 'USELESS' to another level and gets us questioning if she's intentionally acting retarded to gain sympathy from Yuki and Kyo. 
Fortunately the main plot drifts away from her and begins to unravel more interesting characters in the Souma family, cutting out a lot of her screen time. Thank God.
12. Kagome Higurashi - Inuyasha

Kagome is proof that if you are very foul tempered, yell a lot, take your anger out on, and use a necklace to force a guy to do a face plant every time he displeases you, he will eventually fall madly in love and swear to protect you.
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