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The 8 Cutest Engagement Photo Ideas

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Your engagement photos are the perfect time to practice getting comfortable in front of a camera. After all, you have a lot of big moments coming up that need to be captured! If you tend to freeze when being photographed, fear not, we’ve got the cutest poses from real couples for you to keep in your back pocket.

1. The Lift - Time to get swept away by love, literally. For guaranteed smiles, have your loved one lift you up in the air. From top to bottom: Megan Burges Clemence Photography; In Love In Italy Photography; Aneta Mak Photography

2. Play With Props - There’s nothing like adding props to your photo shoot to add some intrigue. We love the romantic notion that a bicycle brings to engagement photos.  From top to bottom: CHARD Photographer, Pinterest, Ryan Ray

3. Seal It With A Kiss - You’ll never feel more comfortable than when you’re locking lips with your love, so go ahead and get the special moment captured on film. From top to bottom: Purple Tree Photography, KT Merry Photography, Erica J Photography

4. Snuggle Up – Get wrapped up in each other! Cuddle up for the camera, being oh-so-close will let your love shine effortlessly.  From top to bottom: Jordan Voth Photography, Caroline Frost Photography, Pinterest, Terra Rothman Photography

5. Stay Grounded - Take it to the floor! Lying close together on the ground is a fun pose for an informal photo. From top to bottom: Austin & Dara Photography, Lisa Jane Photography, Kristyn Hogan

6. Dancing Fever - Twirls and dips- this is the stuff that engagement photo dreams are made of. Plus, they make getting your pictures taken so much fun! From top to bottom: Jacqueline Campbell, Kristen Booth

7. Show Some Affection - There’s nothing more romantic than a loving kiss on the forehead. Have him whisper sweet little nothings in your ear, or simply look at each other and laugh. It’s the little things that make the biggest impact. From top to bottom: Tessa Barton Photography, Lani Elias Fine Art Photography,  Branco Prata

8. Embrace Your Surroundings- In the end, do whatever feels right for you. Feel free to take advantage of your surroundings and get some unique and eye-catching shots. Your love will radiate through the pictures no matter what you choose! 

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