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Nougat: Google's new Android name divides opinion

Nougat is the next version of Android
Crowdsourced name for Android version 7 upsets some, but Nougat is here to stay after Google unveils name and statue

droid team at Google has finalised the name of the next version of the operating system. And no, it's not Nutella. It is Nougat. The next version of Android - likely to be dubbed Android 7 - will be called Android Nougat.

Google has announced that the next version of Android, codenamed “N”, will be called Nougat, bitterly dividing opinion among its fans.
Nougat, which has been in developer and early-adopter preview for the last few months since being announced at Google’s I/O developer conference in May, will be the 14th distinct iteration of Android, labeled Android 7.0.
Google announced Android 7 simply as “N” and put out a call for suggestions of names starting with N. Most previous versions of Android have come with a confectionary or sweet-based code name.
The Android Nougat, although similar to the Android Marshmallow in terms of user interface, comes with several new features. It adds support for multi-window mode as well as has more dynamic notification system. 

Nougat, for those who haven’t had the pleasure, is a chewy sugar or honey-based whipped egg-white sweet that often contains nuts. It isthe main body of a Snickers bar, previously known as a Marathon.
Opinion on whether Nougat is tasty is also divided. Either way, new Android 7 Nougat should start making its way on to devices from September, and features upgraded battery-saving Doze features, more advanced split-screen multitasking and improved notifications.
Although, if Marshmallow’s adoption rate is a predictor, having only just passed 10% of Android devices out there after nine months on the market, it could take over a year to become common, even for new smartphones and tablets.

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