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Dating profile dos and don'ts

If you're planning to try out online dating to find your soul mate, here's a list of our dos and don'ts about what to include and what to exclude from your profile. This is to make sure you're not scaring away potential guys

Dating profile dos

Take pride in your achievements: Education is of utmost importance. So if you have done a bachelor's degree, a masters degree or just a few certificate courses, openly talk about them online. Mention your educational qualifications and this will definitely attract like-minded people who wish to learn.

Travel experiences: Being adventurous is a great quality. If you love to travel or have travelled a lot, share your experiences online. It tells a lot about your passions.

Animal lover: Having compassion for animals shows that you are a good human being, Also, pets have a positive effect on your lifestyle as well as your love life.

Volunteer: If you are genuinely interested in doing good for other people and if you like going out of your way to help others, say it online. This shows that you spare sometime out of your hectic schedule to do a good deed.

Dating profile don'ts

Down-to-earth: While this may not sound that harmful, but it clearly indicates lack of creativity on your part and makes your profile sound uninteresting.

Embarrassment: If your profile says something like. "I am embarrassed or ashamed of what I am doing" or "I can't believe I am doing this", it will display nothing more than insecurity. You'll certainly not be taken seriously by others.

Straightforward attitude: You may want to show that you're a no non-sense girl with a straightforward approach but this will only create red flags regarding issues you may have gone through in your past relationships.

Extra organised: Being focused and planning everything in advance is a good quality indeed but it may portray your rigidness and inability to adapt to new things in the coming future. Remember, open-mindedness and flexibility is the key.

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