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Budget friendly beauty tips

We are all constantly looking for beauty tips which are easy on the pocket, after all what's better than looking good and not spending much while you are at it.

Here are a few budget-friendly beauty tips you can follow

Stay hydrated: Drinking the mandatory eight glasses a day can do wonders to your skin and body. Staying hydrated is a simple yet important step in ensuring a healthy, supple skin. You can consume other liquids as well.

Make up remover: Make sure you remove your make up before you sleep, and you don't need expensive products to do the same. Olive oil and baby oil can help as well.

Sleep well: Getting sufficient sleep will keep you healthy and active throughout the day. It is important for day-to-day functioning and can rejuvenate you to start the new day afresh. Not getting proper sleep can give you dark circles and puffy eyes and keep you irritable throughout the day.

Green vegetables and fruits: If you binge on fast foods and sugary delights often, its time to stop. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and can do wonders for the skin and overall nourishment of your body. Text Wrap Around Image

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