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Breakups hurt women more, but men never recover

Women have more to lose by dating the wrong person but after a break-up, they are the ones who recover more fully that men as the time heals the wounds, an interesting study has revealed.

The man will likely feel the loss deeply and for a very long period of time.
Women, however, experience more emotional pain following a breakup but they also more fully recover.

While break-ups hit women the hardest emotionally and physically, women tend to recover more fully and come out emotionally stronger.
Men, on the other hand, never full recovered -- they simply moved on.
The break-ups are important because most of us will experience an average of three by age 30, with at least one affecting us strongly enough that it decreases our quality of life for weeks or months

"People lose jobs, students withdraw from classes, and individuals can initiate extremely self-destructive behaviour patterns following a break-up," 

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