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List of Latest Electronics Projects Ideas

1. RFID Based Door Access Control

The conception of entrance control is brought about by mean of a card, a parallel card reader and a control board is amalgamated with the server. This is a proximity card with a unique ID number incorporated in it. The card reader interprets the data and sends it to the control board, which is a microcontroller.This microcontroller tests the legality of the data with the incorporated server, which abides the database. The attached server is uploaded with the details of the worker for that unique ID number.

The control board confirms whether the person is permitted to enter the precise door or not. If the worker is genuine, then the person is permitted to enter the door.
The workers can be allowed in a particular doorway as per the designation. The entry control is used at this end. RFID technology employs frequencies inside the range of 50 kHz to 2.5 GHz. An RFID mechanism usually comprises the following constituents:
  • An RFID device that encloses data
  • An antenna employed to broadcast the RF signals amid the reader and the RFID machine
  • An RF transceiver that produces the RF indications
A reader that collects RF broadcasts from an RFID machine and passes the data to the host system for further action.

2. Automatic Solar Tracker

automatic solar trackerAutomatic solar tracker begins to follow the SUN exactly from sunrise, all through the day, till sunset, and begins the work all over again from sunrise next day. On hazy weather day, it lingers motionless and grasps the SUN yet again as it peeps out of clouds. It does all this mechanically, by employing inexpensive and economical constituents, and is extremely accurate. Let us make out how all this is done.
There are 3 Electronic sections to be elucidated. First is the parallel sensor section. It makes use of the 555 timer in the mono-stable approach. Pin 2 or trigger pin of 555 is hooked up with a power separator network. Pin 4 which can be reset is hooked up with an extra power separating network.

3. Cell Phone Operated Land Rover

Traditionally, wireless controlled robots make use of RF (radio frequency) circuits, which have its own disadvantages of restricted operational range, limited frequency range and limited control. This project introduces the use of mobile phone for robotic control.  This technology is more controller friendly as it doesn’t interfere with other controllers and can use up to twelve controls.  It also has the advantages of robust control and provides working range as large as the coverage area of the service provider. Although the look and capabilities of these robots vary, but they share mechanically movable structures under some form of control. The robots are controlled in three phases namely reception, processing and action. Here preceptors are sensors mounted on the robot and the processing is done by on-board micro-controller or processor. This robot works either with the help of motors or with some other actuators.
The robot is controlled by making a call on the mobile phone attached with the robot. In the course of the call if any button is pressed a ‘dual-tone multiple-frequency’ (DTMF) tone is heard at the other end of the call. The cell phone mounted on the robot perceives this tone and then the robot processes it by the ATmega16 micro-controller with the help of DTMF decoder MT8870.

4. Automatic Room Light Controller with Bidirectional Visitor Counter

The main aim of this project is to create a controller based model to calculate amount of human beings tripping any particular space and as a result illuminate the space. At this juncture we can make use of sensor and can make out amount of persons present in the space at the moment. In present world, there is a constant require for mechanical appliances with the boost in standard of living; there is an intellect of importance for creating circuits that would lessen the complications of life. Also if at all one desires to make out the amount of individuals present in the room so as not to enclose overcrowding. This circuit is an extremely helpful circuit.

5. PC Based Wireless Appliance Control

The corresponding port of the personal computer is a controlling podium for executing projects transacting with the control of real world peripherals. It can be utilized to control domestic and other electric appliances. The computer program in the course of the interface circuit manages the relays, which, in return, turn the appliances ON or OFF. Here we explain how to control wireless electric appliances from a distant position by making use of the RF (radio frequency) module. For this personal computer (PC) based wireless appliance controlling system, you require to intend and build up the necessary hardware & software. The corresponding port of the PC is employed controlling the appliances at the broadcaster side. The RF edge is employed as a substitute of the IR to conquer all the disadvantages of the IR interface. The PC indicators are broadcasted from the RF transmitter and acknowledged by the RF recipient.

6. Solar mobile phone charger circuit

This small device make use of a tiny three volt solar cell to charge a six volt NiCad battery set which, in return, possibly is employed to charge lots of models of mobile phones and other handy gadgets. The circuit “search” power from the solar battery by keeping it loaded close to 1.5 volts (utmost energy transferable value) and trickle charges the inner battery set with current pulses. The uncomplicated circuit is not the as efficient as possible but it handles a reputable 70% at 100 mA from the battery and 30% when the battery is supplying only 25 mA which is really pretty excellent without leaving to a lot additional problem or making use of other foreign or unwanted constituents. Note: This circuit is planned for making use of a low voltage battery to charge a high voltage battery. Don’t employ it to charge a battery at the equal or low voltage than the cells produce. The circuit desires a battery load to toil efficiently. Various cell phone models have different charging necessities and this charger possibly will not labor with all those models.

7. Finger Print Based Security System

Finger Print Based Secuirty System
Finger Print Based Secuirty System
This finger print project is created to evade security issues of organizations. In this project the finger print sensor reads the thumb print of the related individual and that copy will be contrasted with the image registered prior, if both the images are matching, then the finger print machine activates precise task such as right to enter a protected area, detection of the member of staff etc. The project comprises 2 approaches, the primary one is master approach and the next is user approach. The master approach is employed to record the fresh user and provides the method of permission. The master approach has the capability to generate and erase the users from the system. The user approach is a normal approach employed for the verification of the member of staffs. In user approach of permission, formation and removal of an existing user cannot be done. The key idea of this project is to grant authentic right of entry to various divisions in a company by reading the employee’s thumb print.

8. Wireless Control Of Robotic Arm

The main aim of the robotic arm project is by employing rf-fsk method control the robotic arm. The principles mainly employed to develop in designing the industrialized applications which are supple and simply improved to use in the near future.
There is a big issue in a number of industries where a human being cannot toil. This is because the temperature of the industrial room is more than temperature which is suitable for human working. In order to conquer the difficulty of high temperature wireless control robotic arm was designed. This robotic arm is brought into play for working in those circumstances where human beings cannot work and also the robotic arm can be controlled by bringing into play wireless method which is in trendy these days. The wireless method employed in our assignment is rf-fsk. This robotic arm circuit is interfaced with a micro-controller (P89C51R2), keypad and Motors. The motors are connected with each other creating robot’s arm which are again interfaced to a panel enabled with keys to control.

9. Electronic Notepad

The main intention of our project is to design & put forward a handy electronic notepad. The notepad will comprise of touch screen with a storage memory to accumulate data written. This notepad will give the facility to transfer data to a computer as and when required. This transfer is done with the help of software that interprets the data & displays on the screen. The notepad has high accuracy & fast sampling rate which will help in displaying the exact drawing which you made. A microcontroller & SD card is interfaced with the notepad’s circuit. At your command the microcontroller transfers the data to the SD card of the computer with the help of a serial connection.

10. Human being skin as touch screen

Mobile industry has brought many revolutionary changes in the field of mobile, from big & bulky handsets to small & portable sets, from key pad operation to touch screen facility. This project aims at using human skin arms or palm or leg as a touch screen panel. All you need to do is wear a band in your wrist, which will display all the data from your mobile to your skin & you can use it as a touch screen technology as in Iphones. To execute further actions you just need to type the command on your skin & with the aid of an acoustic sensor, this sensor reads the command from your skin & executes it. The acoustic sensor is employed to analyze the precise tissue density and extra biometric data from your skin, to decide the kind of command you have specified.
While traveling around the world you may wonder a little & appreciate the structures & other man-made creations then at this time you may thank the technologies of engineering, with the help of engineering theories a number of revolutionary changes has been made in human life. Despite of what engineering field you are in–whether it be mechanical, aerospace, electric, electronics, or material handling–engineering procedures are critical as well as interesting.

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